The Mentor Couple
Relationship Coaching
 The Intentional Dialogue is the primary
 tool for our work.  It is a transformational  process that will foster harmony in all of      your relationships.
 Learning this process will bring a deeper  understanding of your partner and a more                                       conscious connection.


December, 2011, assisting our friend and mentor, Harville Hendrix, Ph.D
Couple testimonials:

"Your program is transformational.  Thank you."
       -workshop attendee

"Your support has been wonderful.  Your gentle guidance has
helped me share from my heart."       -workshop attendee

"Thanks Nevin and Darrell.  Your explanations are clear and your insights plentiful.  I love how you model."          -client

"I loved learning about 'the sacred space between'.  
Thank you both for a lifetime gift."       -workshop attendee

"Our relationship feels safer and more authentic thanks to      your help."          -client


Nevin Valentine, M.A.  and Darrell Holdaway are Relationship Coaches. I am proud to have them as part of the educational offerings at Unity In Marin. They are master teachers. Nevin and Darrell not only teach tried and true techniques but they are living proof of the efficacy of these teachings. They certainly walk the talk! I recommend any and all couples who wish to enter into a deeper level of intimacy and to learn how to communicate better to attend their classes and workshops. 

Rev. Bill Englehart, Senior Minister, Unity In Marin

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