The Mentor Couple
Relationship Coaching
You will experience a deeper connection in your first visit with us! Start now by filling out our contact form and setting up a free phone or Skype consultation.  The next step is a two hour introductory session, where you begin to learn The Intentional Dialogue and co-create your Relationship Vision.  Then comes an initial, four session commitment, with home work and phone support.  Our intention is to create a safe atmosphere where your success as a couple is our highest goal.

Upcoming Workshops & Circles:

Couples Circle
Unity of Tustin
Love Offering

Debbie DelaCuesta, Nevin Valentine, and Darrell Holdaway
Photo taken during the interview for Raising Consciousness NOW.

We provide a variety of services and plans. We present workshops for couples. We will facilitate and help you form your own, in home Couples Circle. We offer a comprehensive coaching plan to suit your needs and schedule. 

  • We are Certified Relationship Coaches
  • Our schedule is flexible
  • Confidentiality and safety are our priority
Watch excerpts from"Love is Our Decision" our Unity in Marin talk, February 14, 2010

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